William J VandeSande MAEd dba HSEHOST develops, produces, and delivers custom and generic online training classes and comprehensive programs to assist companies in their on-going OSHA, BSEE, DOT, and EPA training compliance requirements. Our goal is to help keep your employees safe so we routinely teach to a standard more stringent than simple compliance requires. We also can convert your proprietary materials, i.e. company developed instructor led classes, into online programs.

All HSEHOST CBT/WBT titles can be branded to your company with your logos and color pallets and can include in-course access to your safety policy documents. Course transcripts including final quiz grades are printable as progress reports or as final evidence of course completion at any time by the student or the training administrator. Call for more information: 281.731.2095

Our current title list follows:

  • Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) w/Quiz
  • HAZCOM (GHS) w/Quiz
  • Hand Safety w/Quiz
  • Fall Protection w/Quiz
  • Back Safety w/Quiz
  • Cranes and Rigging (Awareness) w/Quiz
  • Forklift Safety (Awareness) w/Quiz
  • Bloodborne Pathogens w/Quiz
  • Compressed Gas Safety w/Quiz
  • Confined Space (Awareness) w/Quiz
  • Electrical Safety w/Quiz
  • Environmental Awareness w/Quiz
  • Emergency Response w/Quiz
  • Fire Safety w/Quiz
  • Housekeeping w/Quiz
  • Lockout Tagout w/Quiz
  • PPE (Head, Hearing, Eyes) w/Quiz

  • Respiratory Protection w/Quiz
  • Walking and Working Surfaces w/Quiz
  • Temperature Related Illnesses w/Quiz
  • Welding And Brazing w/Quiz
  • Job Safety and Environmental Analysis w/Quiz
  • Access to Medical Records w/Quiz
  • Workplace Violence
  • Benzene Awareness w/Quiz
  • Stop Work w/Quiz
  • Workplace Violence
  • RCRA Annual Training (comprehensive)
    • RCRA History
    • RCRA Getting Started
    • RCRA The Nitty Gritty
    • RCRA Conclusions
  • Short Service Employee w/Quiz
  • Drug and Alcohol Policy
  • SEMS II Awareness w/Quiz